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about burry

Introducing Halifax’s premier dyslexic non-binary musician.
Burry (they/them) blends elements of indie, rock, and pop together to create lyrically-colourful music performed with an unforgettable stage presence.

Since 2018, Burry has been performing their set of self-discovery styled songs backed by a group of Halifax-based musicians to a growing fan base in Atlantic Canada. Burry’s debut EP, ‘‘Yellow Paint’, a collection of 5 songs, influenced by the likes of King Princess, Phoebe Bridgers, and Claud, released on January 20th, 2020. 


Burry is an LGBTQ2A+ artist who has dealt with subjects such as mental health and being openly queer in the music industry. They strive to use their platform to amplify voices of marginalized communities in and out of the music industry.


"Burry covers an impressive amount of ground over the five tracks of their new EP, Yellow Paint. The East Coast singer-songwriter crafts wistful, heartfelt musings on lost loves and festering regrets for a variety of moods"
-Matt Bobkin, EXCLAIM! 

"Crooning away with the same melancholic and melodic anxiety that Jens Lekman chugs each morning, Burry picks away at a balancing point between isolation and commitment."
Alex Cook,THE EAST  

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debut EP "yellow paint" out everywhere now!
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